Dust Settling on a big Labor Win

Even with some seats still in doubt after the election, it is more and more likely that the new Prime Minister the, Hon Anthony Albanese, will govern with a majority Labor Government for the 47th term of Parliament.

Saturday night saw a swift race to the finish line, a surprise event that didn’t reflect the apparent close contest throughout the election campaigns. Former Prime Minister, the Hon Scott Morrison MP, made his concession speech around 10 pm on Saturday night.

The AEC is still counting all the votes, but the AEC has predicted that Labor will govern with at least 76 seats, with Labor currently sitting at 75 with votes still to be counted.

So where to from here?

Parliament cannot be recalled until the AEC has finished counting, declared all the seats, and returned the writs (which must happen by the 28th of June 2022).

This year’s election saw a record high postal and pre-poll votes across the nation; the AEC predicts counting will finish on Tuesday night.

Parliament must then sit within 30 days, meaning if the writs are not returned earlier than the 28th of June, our politicians will be back in Canberra for a sitting week before the end of July.

Meanwhile, the Liberal and National Parties will begin finalising their Federal Leadership teams and Shadow Ministry.

So far, the new Albanese Government has sworn the Hon Richard Marles MP as Minister for Employment and Deputy Prime Minister, Senator the Hon Penny Wong as Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Hon Dr Jim Chalmers as Treasurer and Senator the Hon Katy Gallagher as Minister for Finance, Minister for Women, and Attorney-General.

Labor’s first 100 days plan:

The new Prime Minister, the Hon Anthony Albanese MP, has announced Labor’s return to parliament plan.

Day 1 and 2

Swearing-in – the Hon Anthony Albanese will be sworn in as Prime Minister

Foreign Affairs QUAD meeting –The new Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, are attending the Quadrilateral meeting with leaders from the United States, Japan, and India in Tokyo. Deputy Prime Minister, the Hon Richard Marles MP, will be acting Prime Minister in the PMs absence.


Caucus Meeting – Ministers will be elected as required under party rules, with a swearing-in of the entire ministry by the end of next week.

Cabinet Meetings – the first Albanese Government cabinet meetings are expected to occur late next week.


The expected opening of the 47th Government and the first sitting period


Federal Budget – the new Labor government will announce and put forward their 2022-23 Federal Budget.


Other key announcements for the first 100 days of Government include:

Replacement – Head of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet will be Mr Philip Gaetjens.

Employment Summit – Convened with business groups and unions, Labor aims to work together to boost productivity, implement Labor’s secure work policies, and discuss improvements to enterprise bargaining.

Delivery – Labor will establish their Powering Australia Plan, the National Reconstruction Fund, and Jobs and Skills Australia.

Legislation – As per their election campaign, the Labor government will develop legislation to establish an integrity commission to boost transparency of government affairs to the Australian public.

Development – Labor will develop plans to introduce an Indigenous voice to Parliament, cheaper childcare, policies to strengthen Medicare, and provision of cheaper electricity.


With a number of the Nexus team members having extensive experience and relationships with the Federal Labor Party, we look forward to providing our subscribers informative and timely insight on the mechanics and consideration of the new Prime Minister and his Government.


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